I have an old, broken bike that doesn't work, can I donate it to Nica Bikes?

Yes. We  take all bikes, any condition. The heart of the ministry is to teach and train young Nicaraguans to repair the bikes for sale. So if your bike is broken, we will fix it. If the bike is broken beyond repair we will strip it for parts.

What happens to the bikes after you collect them?

We store the bikes in various locations around Northern VA. Four times a year, we load a shipping container and ship the bikes to Nicaragua. ** Nica Bikes is currently looking for additional storage space, in and around Loudoun County, VA. If you have some available, please contact Cal.

Will I get a receipt for the donation?

Yes.  You will receive a tax receipt for your donated bike.

I don't have a bike to give, are there other ways to help?


  1.  Make a donation to NicaWorks (the ministry who supports NicaBikes)
  2.  Help load the shipping container
  3.  If you have a pick up truck, you can help us collect donated bikes.

I would like to host a bike collection with my school, church, neighborhood, etc. How do I get started?

Fill out this form and someone from NicaBikes will be in contact with you shortly.

I have a bike to donate, but can't make it to the next collection site, what do I do?

We are happy to pick up the bike for you. Just email us and we will arrange to pick up the bikes.

Didn’t find the answer?

Call or email Nica Bikes and we will gladly answer any questions you have.

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